General Information

Guangdong AiScholar Institute of Academic Exchange (GDAIAE, hereinafter referred to as "the Institute") is registered in the Civil Affairs Bureau of Guangdong Province, China. It is an innovative and research-oriented social organization engaged in non-profit social service activities, under the jurisdiction of Guangdong Science and Technology Association.

The Institute takes experts in scientific research and academic field as the core and undertakes the mission of promoting scientific research and academic development and pushing forward the innovation of science and technology in China. It gathers experts and scholars from universities, scientific research institutions, enterprises and other fields worldwide to jointly create an international academic exchange and cooperation research institution.

The Institute takes informationization as its empowerment, plays the role of service carrier in various forms, and provides high-quality academic services and consulting research for government, universities, scientific research institutes, enterprises and institutions. It actively promotes the cultivation of scientific research talents and the application of scientific and technological achievements, with the aim to build a well-known high-end academic think tank worldwide.

Adhering to the service tenet of "link, think tank and wisdom pool", since its establishment, the Institute has cooperated with interdisciplinary and cross-field talents to create three platforms (i.e., international academic exchange and cooperation platform, scholars gathering platform and scientific and academic consulting service platform). It is committed to becoming the link of international academic exchange, the think tank of high-end talents and the wisdom pool of professional consultation so as to strengthen the exchange and cooperation between scientific researchers, higher education institutions and enterprises, to drive service innovation with informationization, to promote the integration of science and technology and economy, and to make contributions to promoting the development of Chinese scientific research and academic and social economy.

Publishing Associations

AiScholar is a member of several authoritative organizations in scholarly publishing. We are constantly working on promoting international scientific research and academic exchanges, breaking academic walls and boundaries, and building a one-stop service platform for researchers worldwide.

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